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Bridging the Gap Between Design And Development


This year, we are pleased to present a new track of sessions on User Experience (UX) and Web Design at UXConf co-located at Build Stuff 2023 (on-site and online)

on November 17, 2023!


Do you know what other people on your team do? You have probably heard the term UX, and you know of a few designers in the company, but do you know what they actually do, and why it's necessary to think of the end user?

Product development is a team effort, and everyone on the team is important and necessary. When we understand each other's roles and responsibilities, communication, and collaboration automatically improve, we gain empathy for each other, and the product actually provenly gets better.

Join us at the UXconf on Friday, November 17, and learn about the value of UX from brilliant UX practitioners. Gain insight on some of the tools and methodologies used in UX, UI, prototyping, front-end, accessibility, conversion, usability, content design, and even behavioral science, and you'll see that this is an important part of product development too. 

Together, a team is what makes products GREAT and usable.


1-Day Tickets

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CONF Tickets

Nov 17 | 10am - 6pm

Radisson Blu,

Vilnius Lithuania

By joining 1-day UXconf on Nov. 17 you will get full access to all Build Stuff ONSITE conference sessions (6 tracks) happening that day.

1-Day UXConf @ Build Stuff Onsite conference
Ticket includes:
  • UXconf & Build Stuff conference access on Nov. 11

  • Access to the VIP On-Site party & reception on Nov 10, 2022

  • Lunch & coffee/tea/snacks

  • New Build Stuff swag including T-Shirt

  • Access to Online conference platform

  • Access to the on-site Build Stuff expo zone

  • Access to Discord Channel

  • A chance to win special prizes from partners

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3-Day Tickets

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Nov 11-17 |

10am - 6pm

Radisson Blu, Vilnius Lithuania

Join Build Stuff Conference for a 3-day experience ONLINE or ONSITE. Build Stuff 3-day tickets include UXconf access and 100+ other sessions.

3-Day Build Stuff Conference + 1-Day UXConf
Ticket Include
  • ️Access to 3-Day Conference keynotes, sessions, workshops & panel discussions & Co-located events on Nov. 9-11

  • UXconf access on Nov. 11

  • New Build Stuff swag including "T-Shirt & Hoodie”

  • ️Lunch & coffee/tea/snacks

  • ️Access to the VIP On-Site party & reception on Nov 10, 2022

  • ️Access to the on-site expo zone

  • ️Access to 100+ hours of live-streamed recorded content

  • Unlimited Online Platform Access for 7 days

  • ️A chance to win special prizes from partners

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UXConf Co-Located at Build Stuff - The Baltic States’ Longest-Running Software Development Conference!